Analyzing Tiger's Press Conference

As you have almost definitely heard, Tiger Woods had his first (somewhat open) press conference yesterday since his life fell apart.

Although we've seen some one-on-one interviews and a very, very exclusive press conference to announce his return several months ago, the media had their first opportunity to ask questions to Tiger.

Here's the footage if you haven't seen it yet:

The song remains the same. Tiger accepts full responsibility for his actions. He gets that what he did was wrong. He's working to correct that. That should answer most of the questions the reporters were interested in.

The way I see it, here are some of the positive aspects of his remarks:
  • This is the first step toward normalcy. We haven't seen Tiger in a press conference like this for a long time. He answered questions well, and he looked optimistic.
  • Tiger made it clear that he is here to win. Here being Augusta National, of course. Anyone who expects big things this weekend should look forward to Sunday. I think there is a good chance Tiger will be in the mix.
  • The crowds reacted well to Tiger. This was a tricky matter. On one hand, the reactions of the "patrons" at Augusta have traditionally been subdued. The idea that they would express outrage after every shot sounds a little absurd and unrealistic. On the other hand, Tiger did give the public ample opportunity to attack him. It seems like the Tiger fan base is still pretty strong, which is a great sign for Tiger and golf's future.

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