First New Tiger Woods Commercial Hits Web

It looks like the drought of Tiger-branded commercials is coming to an end. Although virtually all of his major sponsors went running to the hills, Nike Golf stayed on board. Not surprisingly, it will be Nike Golf who revives the Tiger Woods-marketing effort as well.

Here is the video:

This video will run during the Masters coverage on ESPN. Apparently, it will hit the airwaves tonight too.

What do you think about it? The company's description of the video is: "Earl Woods asks his son a few questions before he returns to golf." The video is appropriately titled, "Earl and Tiger."

This is almost definitely the right tone for his first commercial. Celebrating his accomplishments as so many previous Nike ads have might not be taken well...

The questions looms: is this effective?

Maybe this won't push the public to sprint to Edwin Watts for a Tiger signature Nike cap, but it's a step toward recovering his image as a golfer and master of marketing. Will the brand ever be the same? No. Will Tiger still manage to make millions in the future? Yup.

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