Coach Hank Haney leaves Team Tiger

This morning, acclaimed swing coach Hank Haney told the Golf Channel that he is choosing to part ways with his star pupil, Tiger Woods.

In his statement, he explained, "Just so there is no confusion, I would like to make it clear that this is my decision."


Professional golfers leaving their instructors is pretty common, but you don't hear much about coaches choosing to call it quits with their players.

This is especially true when you are associated with the Tiger Woods brand - Haney has produced several books and a Golf Channel television show since his relationship with Tiger began.

At least to the rest of the world, there are no hard feelings. Tiger told ESPN that Haney was and is an "outstanding teacher."

I still have to wonder why this happened. Could it be the bad press? Doubtful. If Haney was going to stick with Tiger this long, I don't understand why he would suddenly be driven to jump off the Woods ship.

With two consecutive poor performances, Haney has faced significant criticism for his student's failures. Perhaps Haney has decided to take his career in a different direction.

Tiger has not yet announced who will be in charge of repairing his swing before the U.S. Open.

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