Elin Nordegren demands $750M in divorce negotiations

It looks like Tiger's efforts to restore balance to his personal life have officially failed. The Sporting News is reporting that the couple is currently undergoing divorce negotiations.

In short, Elin Nordegren wants an estimated $750 million from Tiger in addition to full custody of their two children. The full custody demand contrasts earlier reports that joint custody may be in the works.

If the divorce settlement were to fall in the $600-700 million price range, it would certainly be one of the most expensive divorce settlements in legal history.

Not surprisingly, the word on the street is that Tiger and Elin are no longer on speaking terms. The relationship was recently worsened by the fact that Tiger's team believes Elin's camp is responsible for feeding the rumor mill information over the past few weeks.

The hefty sum she is demanding comes from her substantial bargaining power. Tiger's people are set on pursuing a confidentiality clause to prevent a tell-all book or interview on the subject of their marriage.

This development is less than surprising. In early May, many sources reported that Elin had left Florida to return with the children to her home in Sweden.

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