Woods to tee it up at AT&T; no word on US Open

The first positive news has been released since Tiger Woods dropped out of the Players Championship. He will, according to his press conference, play in the AT&T Championship during the first week of July despite his nagging neck injury.

As far as how long his hiatus will last, the answer is not yet clear. Woods will have an MRI next week to hopefully locate the problem, which he believes may be a bulging disk in his neck.

At this point, he has not ruled out playing in the Memorial or the U.S. Open. The question remains: could this injury have any relationship to his Thanksgiving night injury that prompted his first major leave from golf this year?

It wouldn't be a shocker. Sustaining head and neck trauma from a mild crash isn't exactly uncommon.

The Tiger entourage is denying this theory.

On one hand, something is clearly wrong with Tiger. Chances are, it is physical. His performance over the last two tournaments doesn't match the thrill of his return at Augusta this year. Until we know what the problem is, it is hard to say how long Tiger will be forced to wait.

On the other hand, Tiger did win a U.S. Open with one barely functional leg. My guess is that it will take a lot more than some neck discomfort to keep Tiger away from Pebble Beach, a course he has dominated at in the past.

The Tiger Woods drama shows no signs of stopping.

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