ZealousGolfer.com Review: R&B Fist Pump II and High Five Putters

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This week, I had a fantastic opportunity to field test two putters from a company that I (and probably you) haven't heard much about: R&B Putters. Let's talk about R&B's Fist Pump II and High Five (pictured left) putters.


As you can see, I am grouping two different R&B putters into the same article. It's a little strange for me, but there's a method to my madness.

The company advertises with the slogan, "If your stroke has no rhythm," which couldn't be a more accurate description of my putting woes. So what can R&B do for me - and potentially you?

Spoiler warning: One of these putters looks like it will be a permanent part of my golf bag. It turns out a little rhythm can go a long way.

The Good:

Both the High Five and the Fist Pump II (pictured right) are unique because of one primary technological feature: Radius Roll. The High Five employs a conventional putter head-style while the Fist Pump II is a mallet
putter (reminiscent of popular flatsticks like the Odyssey Two-ball series). What's sets these putters ahead of the pack?

Both putters are not really flatsticks at all. They utilize a somewhat strange, rounded face - that is Radius Roll. Here's a video the company
put on YouTube that shows you what the result is:

From personal experience, this is definitely not a gimmick. My field test
included a full round using the High Five putter and a lot of time on the practice green with both putters. I have never putted so well within six feet of the hole. This putter minimizes the possibility of bad hops and skips, and you definitely reap the benefits.

While not totally unique to the R&B putters, both models come center-shafted (as you can see on the right).

I had never experimented with putter shafts before, but this made a huge difference for me. For any golfer who struggles over short putts or has the occasional set of yips, this change can really make life in the short grass much easier.

In short, these are two great putters. Don't let the lack of a brand name fool you - these two putters will go a long way to cure your putting blues.

The Bad:

Like I said, I am a big fan of R&B putters now. The only complaint I have is with the Fist Pump II. Having played with an Odyssey mallet putter for the last few years, it's not the first time I have run into this little issue. I prefer putters that has a sight line that extends through the ball rather than having to do some guess work to line it up.

Some players can do this easily without a sightline right behind the ball, but that apparently isn't my style.

The Ugly:

Nothing to see here, folks.

The Conclusion:

I really like seeing smaller companies come out with great ideas that make golfing easier. R&B accomplishes this with a revolutionary look that can definitely add confidence to your short game while shaving off some strokes. At the very least, that was my experience with the putters over the past two weeks.

Check out their website for more information or the online store to make a purchase.

The High Five earns a score of 4.5/5 for a great design with immediate results. It will be pretty easy for any golfer to adjust to the rounded club face. This is a live saver for the golfer who struggles with short and mid-length putts.

The Fist Pump II probably will be a great addition to the bag of any golfer who prefers the look of a mallet putter. It receives a score of 4/5. It uses the technology as well as the High Five, but might be a little strange to adapt to for the golfer who usually relies on traditional putter designs.

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