Arnold Palmer Retires From Professional Golf

Arnold Palmer decided it was time to go for good yesterday at the 2006 Administraff Small Business Classic withdrawing after only four holes. Palmer, 77, was struggling throughout the first several holes while paired with fellow golf legend Lee Trevino and decided to quit keeping score on the fourth. As Palmer was always a crowd pleaser, he chose to finish the round without an official score as he said that he owed finishing the round to his fans. The King from Latrobe, Pennsylvania played his final PGA Tour event at the 2004 MASTERS, his fiftieth time in the field. Palmer announced his leaving with tears in his, but said he would still stay busy, "I'm going to concentrate on building golf courses now and really spend a lot of time doing that. I've got quite a few on the books ready to go. That's going to be my next major passion". Palmer's legacy is certainly among the game's great as he captures 62 PGA Tour titles, 5 major championships, and captures a U.S. Amateur title. Palmer has left his mark on the game, as he was a fan of such golf greats as Walter Hagen, his successors would include Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, both fans of Palmer. Palmer's legacy also includes the establishment of Arnie's Army, an organization running charity golf outings nationwide raising money to battle prostate cancer.

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