Driver Squared? Sumo and FT5

Over the past couple of weeks, new pictures have surfaced of two completely new geometric designs for driver heads. The two models featured are rumored to be the Nike Sumo and Callaway FT5. The Nike Sumo features the same color scheme as Nike's current major driver on the market, the Sasquatch. The Nike Sumo surely will not win the SGA's beatuy pageant, but will perform better than the current drives according to experts. Alledgedly, the new square shape increases the MOI (Moment of Inertia) which makes a much more forgiving driver. Along with the Nike Sumo, Callaway will attempt to counter Nike's new big dawg with two square drivers of their own. Callaway will likely release both the FT-I and the FT5 square drivers. What do you think of the new square drivers, hot or not?

5 Response to "Driver Squared? Sumo and FT5"

  1. Anonymous says:

    viewed from all angles I think it looks better than from just the square angle. But if it hits well, then that is what matters.

    Anonymous says:

    It would be nice that a new design doesn't automatically mean stupid looking club. The square clubs better hit longer, straighter and with more forgiveness on off center impacts because the barrage of comments and laughter, not to mention the pressure of owning a $500+ club that is supposed to perform better than the rest of the 4some drivers is going to distract whoever hits those beasts.

    Anonymous says:

    The FT5 is not square. The FTi is.

    Anonymous says:

    the FTi is square the FT5 is just an updated FT3. The sumo is an updated SQ, and sumo squared is going to be the square driver.

    Anonymous says:

    I work at golf galaxy and the callaway rep came in with their new products... i got to hit the new FT5 and it is awesome. It takes some getting used to with the square head but it is really a nice club

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