Nike Sumo and Sumo^2:"The New Shape of Golf"

In an earlier article, I linked to several pictures of two new drivers from the Nike and Callaway workshops, those being the Nike Sumo/Sumo Squared and the Callaway FT5. Several major golf news sources report that the new square headed drivers from both companies could be in play as early as the made-for-tv events of this season. Though only weeks ago the rumors and pictures appeared to be photoshopped hoaxes, Nike has set a release date of February 1st, 2006 for their Nike Sumo drivers. The Nike Sumo (SUper MOment of Inertia) will boast more forgiving flight due to higher MOI. If the square headed drivers do in fact increase forgiveness and possibly lead to extra yardage, the USGA surely is in fear. An article published by the Golf World last week went over some of the ebenfits of the three most radical designs on or going onto the market, those being Cleveland's Hibore, the FT5 and Sumo. The latter of the three will hit the market at a full 460 cc of volume, that being the maximum amount on the market. The smaller Hibore by Cleveland is near 300 cc with a "scoop back design" to increase MOI. The new geometric shapes of drivers may change the look of the driver market as a whole.

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