Equipment Review: Alpha Golf C830.2 Plasma Fairway Woods

These days, it is hard for a new or small company to make its way in the golf market. Big hitters like Titleist and Taylormade have huge advertising budgets and dish out millions for Tour pros to put their products in the bag. Regardless, the name on the club still doesn't hit the ball. Often, some of the market's best products are not on the shelves of golf chain stores or are overlooked. I got the pleasure of reviewing the C830.2 Plasma 3 Woods from Alpha Golf Clubs, a division of Kent Sports. The company, despite not dishing out the big bucks for Staff players, has already captured 6 RE/Max Long Drive Championships with its popular driver series. Of course, the Alpha driver is not the only cannon in the company's product line.
My Test:
When I pulled the club out of the box, I immediately noticed how light the Plasma 3 Wood was. I also spied the small profile of the Plasma's head. I was excited to get to the range despite the near freezing temperature. I began with a couple of shots off a short tee and was astounded to see the length when compared to the Taylormade 3 wood I was currently using. Having expected that a small company would have "inferior" products to the likes of Taylormade, I was ready to see more. Off the mat, I found that the Plasma was very easy to get airborne, but sometimes soared a little too high for the better player. Still, the quality of the product was spectacular. The Plasma surely will aid the mid to high handicapper, or low handicappers who struggle with control over their woods.
The Look:
I definitely loved the look of the Plasma, especially the sleek, small profile at address. I never have been a big fan of some of the huge woods coming out today that could pass for a driver. As I said before, the club is very light which factors in to the added distance while control is not compromised. Lining aid is a silver arrow at the center of the club.
Alpha says that the Plasma borrows many of the qualities of its sister Plasma driver. One of those qualities is the huge distance as a result of its wide design. The center of gravity in the Plasma is strategically placed to create a "sweet zone" providing maximum forgiveness on off center hits. The stock shaft is the Alpha Platinum 65 which weighs in at 68 grams and has a mid kickpoint. Make sure to check out Alpha's fairway wood line as well as their other products at: Also, make sure to read Alpha's new blog to track its success in professional golf and long drive championships.

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