Great Tips: To Flare or Not to Flare?

In the recently published December issue of Golf Magazine, a reader wrote in asking about where his feet should be placed at setup. This question came about after he observed that some pros flare a foot, both feet, or not at all.

After reading the tip the magazine gave, I quickly tried it out to see that I do need to flare me left foot. The result is a better balanced golf swing leading to cleaner contact with longer, straighter shots. So how do you straighten the feet out?

First, go to a corner in your house and place your feet lining straight out at the wall. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and your body will likely twist to the right of the corner or possibly the left. The amount of twist is based on an individual's core strength, so the goal is to figure out how far you should flare your foot. Start with flaring the left foot slightly if you are a right handed golfer and do the procedure again. Experiment with both feet until you find yourself consistently looking square at the crease of the wall.

Easy fix for some common golf problems, especially for those of us who always line our feet square facing the ball. Most golfers lack the core strength of Tiger Woods of Chris DiMarco so we do face core rotation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever heard of the technique when driving called "making the pizza box" ? Any thoughts on it?

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