Winter Golf: How to Fight the Urge

It is definitely true that in order to improve, we can't start at 0 every year having to catch up with the practice lost during Winter. For the north, the cruel winter months strip golfers of any game they had left during the Fall. So how do we combat Mother Nature? Well, there are several solutions to this age old problem:

1. Return to your roots: Like the English do, suit up in hat and coat as well as gloves and face the snow and cold. Nine holes under harsh conditions can be fun, but after 18 you feel like migrating.

2. Move to Florida: Most likely the most costly choice a golf addict has, but hey, golf all year is pretty appealing.

3. Buy a video, interactive golf game: Several computer and video game programs are out now so you can plug a mat to your kid's PS2 and play golf at Pebble Beach through popular titles such as Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2007.

4. Use indoor aids: As a golf aid junkie, I know first hand that there are some pieces of infomercial swing aids that can be used to help keep up the golf skills during the cold months. One of my favorite cheap aids: Makeshift weighted club. While there are weighted clubs on the market for over 100 dollars, a much cheaper solution is to grab an old iron, a golf ball,and some duct tape. Take the ball and place it on the face of the old iron, probably a 6 or 7. Wrap the duct tape around the club and tape all open spots (note: not taping well and having the ball fly of the face in the garage and smashing a window doesn't go over well). This aid helps to build flexibility as well as continued work on swing plane and fighting common errors like coming over the top. A great tool to use with the weighted iron is the Swingyde. The Swingyde is a simple aid which attaches to the shaft of the club and allows you to feel the proper wrist hinge.

Good luck this Winter and Happy Thanksgiving

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