Still Hip to Be Square? Callaway's relase is near

While the Nike's Sumo has been a news maker for several weeks now, the Callaway square driver has been fairly under the radar. With Callaway publishing little information on the new square head (...and refusing to send info to Golf Heaven) the public has little information. Callaway Golf is preparing to launch a full area on the site for the new club,but in the meantime has a flash pop-up in preparation.

The FT-i will incorporate similar MOI enhancing technology to the Nike's new, square Sumo driver. Both are geometrically square and look to increase forgiveness for all golfers. As I excited as I was about this release, experts see the new square drivers increasing the Moment of Inertia only slightly. The average golfer will not start popping it 350 yards, but the radical designs will draw in customers by standing out on the shelves.

With Callaway and Nike preparing to introduce a new generation of clubs, what will the other companies do? Titleist is preparing to release the 907 D1 and D2 drivers which will be triangular in shape opposed to square. Cleveland will continue with their "scoop-back" style Hibore driver, but this time with a much wider body.

The jury is still out on whether or not the chase for the Holy Grail of driver shapes will yield significantly better products or just create talk. While a revolution is unlikely, the new drivers will surely continue to create talk and will find their way into bags across America.

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