Woods Deal is Over $100 Million

Our friends at the Hooked on Golf Blog report that Woods' new deal with Nike is way over $100 million. Nike's new Tiger deal will only further increase Tiger's massive annual salary which rivals the gross domestic product of some small nations.

Of course, who can blame any company for dishing out the real bucks for the world's most marketable individual? Let's face it, Tiger is Nike golf. Nike was a fledgling in the golf world when Tiger inked his original deal back in the 90's. Tiger's dominance has led Nike to move from its original structure as a golf clothing company to a major player in all golf products. Nike now has dozens of players across the world on staff teeing it up with Nike's balls and clubs.

Just to think, it all started with Tiger hacky-sacking a ball with a wedge. Since the early Nike age, the swoosh on Tiger's cap is as identifiable as any insignia in sports. Of course, Nike has had numerous perks such as the swoosh stopping perfectly on the side of the cup for a camera shot before dropping in at Augusta National.

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  1. They must have used one of those radio controlled balls at Augusta so they could get that shot on camera.

    Anonymous says:

    Is Tiger Worth the fees they pay him? I think so. Think about how much mileage Nike has gained by Tiger's Win at the 2005 Masters. Having Tiger's ball stop at the hole, wave the Nike insignia, then drop in for one of the most dramatic moments in golf. Value - priceless.

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