For anyone who has ever played the game, the problem of hitting the ball too long or short is a tough one. Almost all amateur golfers overestimate their distances with all clubs. Most amateur golfers look to their "career long" distance with a club (i.e. because three years ago they jacked a 7 iron 170). The best and cheapest way to find correct distances is probably going to a flat range and hitting a series of shots to find your average. The problem of hitting the ball too short is usually incorrectly credited to hitting a weak shot.

Check out this distance calculator in the works by TheDeepRough.com. Though the tool is still in testing, it gives a pretty accurate measurement based on the user's answers to several questions.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the publicity! I'm glad you enjoyed using the tool. If you have any suggestions or find any other bugs, be sure to let me know.


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