Wie headed to Stanford

Michelle Wie has been compared to Tiger Woods in many ways, usually the huge paychecks each collect from Nike. But aside from the swooshes, both players now will have attended the prestigious Stanford University. Of course, Tiger will have attended as a dominant college player and Michelle Wie will just be a student due to her forfeiture of her amateur status. Of course, the $20 million she made in 2006 as a professional should be some consolation for not being able to play for Stanford's Women's' golf team.

Wie was accepted this week as students across the United States received letters of acceptance, were denied admission, or deferred to normal admissions. Wie was accepted to Stanford where she will follow in the footsteps of several of her relatives who are Stanford alumni.

Her admission into college will not likely effect her schedule as she has balanced golf and schools since playing her first professional events at the age of 12.

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