Equipment Review: G.R.I.P. Hyper Steel Hybrid

The struggle with long irons is an age old conflict between golfers and their clubs. Long irons have presented a myriad of problems ranging from having trouble getting the ball in the air to difficulty controlling distance and direction. The advent of the "hybrid" in recent years has helped to attack that conflict and put an end to three and four iron woes. A hybrid, which you probably have seen in any golf magazine or website under the sun, is a combination of the best features of irons and woods. The hybrid is swung just as a player would swing an iron, but provides easy distance and better height when compared to its conventional peers. The hybrid market has grown rapidly, which brings me to my review of the G.R.I.P. Hyper Steel Hybrid. G.R.I.P. stands for Golf Research In Play, as the GRIP looks to make the game easier for players of all skill levels. I put the 4H Hyper Steel club in the bag for a winter range session in place of my usual four iron. G.R.I.P.'s hybrid line can replace your two iron through five iron with easy to hit hybrids.
My Test:
The first thing you notice with the Hyper Steel is the two weight ports located near the toe and heel of the hybrid. As I currently play the R7 425, which utilizes similar technology, I was ecstatic to try out the movable weights in a hybrid. The adjustable weights in the hybrid allows players to adjust the club based whether they hit a hook, slice, fade, or draw. Because of my frequent battles with a hook, I adjusted the club with ease to help neutralize my hook. At the range, I found the club very easy to hit as well as to get up in the air. The hybrid did take off a little too high making it difficult to control, but did perform better than my usual iron. The only other difficulty I found was that distance control sometimes became difficult. The G.R.I.P. would definitely be a good club for the middle to high handicapper who struggles with getting the ball high in the air, or struggles landing long irons on the green.
Again, the most noticeable feature about the G.R.I.P. hybrid is the movable screws. The screw kit includes a small tool for removal and installation, a 6 gram brass screw, and a 3 gram aluminum screw. The stock hybrid comes with a Hyper Steel, uniflex shaft with a mid-to-low kickpoint. The stock setup also includes a soft, twp-piece grip. G.R.I.P.'s product line in the Hyper Steel series is:
* 2H - 2 Iron Replacement

*3H - 3 Iron Replacement

*4H - 4 Iron Replacement

*5H - 5 Iron Replacement

How to Get it:

The Hyper Steel hybrids may be found at G.R.I.P.'s website: . The first hybrid is $69.95 and each additional hybrid costs $49.95. In conclusion, I found the hybrid very easy to hit, but sometimes to easy and forgiving for the better player. A high handicap or player who struggles with long irons will find this product very helpful. The Hyper Steel receives a Golf Heaven rating of 3 out of 5 stars for its ease of use.

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