The best in Hawaii: Tadd Fujikawa

It looks like Michelle Wie's fifteen minutes of fame might be over. Of course, she's young and still has many years to improve, but in the mean time, a new teen will take over her spotlight. While Wie fired a 78 and a 76, good for 139th, another Hawaiian was busy collecting a top twenty finish.

Tadd Fujikawa, a year younger and a foot shorter than Wie, made the cut with ease and even was in eighth place after Saturday's round. Fujikawa, the youngest player to play in the U.S. Open, led the field in GIR and converted many long birdie putts. The sixteen year old finished in a very respectable twentieth place having already become the youngest player to make a PGA Tour cut in fifty years.

Comparing Wie and Fujikawa may be like comparing apples and oranges, but if we have to:
1. Fujikawa has made a cut in a men's event, but Wie hasn't.
2. Fujikawa is an amateur focused on turning professional when he feels ready. Wie rushed a professional career despite a mediocre amateur career with few junior or women's victories.
3. Wie has a multimillion dollar deal with Nike, Fujikawa pays his own way.
4. Fujikawa has qualified in a men's major championship (2006 U.S. Open), Wie hasn't.

At this point, it appears Tadd Fujikawa is in and Wie is out. At least Wie has a huge contract to lean on until she starts to make some cuts or wins on either tour. It was a good thing that Tadd made such a big story at the Sony as the Wie storyline pretty much died with her missing another cut with another mediocre finish. It's hard to ignore a little guy who almost died as a baby who hits 345 yards drives and throws fist pumps which could knock out Muhamad Ali.

So now what for Wie? She is heading to Stanford in the Fall as a student, but is ineligible to play college golf. She probably will play more women's events to build up her game on shorter courses before going back to the PGA 7,500 yard plus tracks.
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