Callaway FT-i Driver: Not so hip to be square

I finally got a chance to test run Callaway's new FT-i driver after months of buildup. Unfortunately, I was more than disappointed with the "new shape of golf." From my own experience, the square head just feels funny at setup, at least more so than the other square driver on the market, the Nike Sumo Squared.

The face itself looks extremely box like, which doesn't really satisfy many golfers. Likewise, I was disappointed in several ways with the club's performance. My distances seemed to be slightly off, but I was able to hit a few straight shots.

Overall, I found the FT-i to be an inferior club to the Sumo^2 and even some of Callaway's other new models this year. If you absolutely have to buy a new driver this season without a chance of demoing it, try the Callaway FT-5, Big Bertha 460, or Nike Sumo^2. The Sumo^2 tends to look and feel better than the FT-i, plus it is $100 cheaper.

Regardless, there are quite a few drivers coming on to the market this season, so buying quick may not be a good strategy. Titleist and Cobra will release new drivers which will be sure to sell.

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