USGA proposes new policy on adjustable clubs

Over the past several years, there has been continuous debate over the increase of club and ball technology in the game of golf. Ironically, the national average handicap hasn't improved despite the appearance of more forgiving clubs and balls. This problem is likely caused by courses increasing their yardages to meet the new standards on distance, so the average golfer is really being left out of the technological revolution.

In order to maintain the enjoyment of the game, the USGA has proposed a new plan on how they will treat adjustable clubs. The new plan would result in a more relaxed position under which certain features other than weight could be changed to benefit the golfer.

Before the square driver heads made news, the golf world loved Taylormade's R7 series of adjustable weight drivers to customize the game to the player. The USGA will look to continue with this progression to make the game better for the average weekend golfer.

As Senior Technical Director Dick Rugge of the USGA stated, "We’re relaxing standards of adjustability because we believe these changes will benefit all golfers by allowing them to have a better chance to use clubs that can be fitted to their individual swing characteristics.”

By allowing golfers to adjust their equipement to match their unique games, the USGA believes more golfers will continue to play.

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