Equipment Review: Alpha RX-2 Irons

I finally got a chance to review a set of Alpha RX-2 irons this past week when the weather was little better. In case you are not familiar with Alpha, the company is a division of Kent Sports which makes extremely solid golf clubs. While you may not have heard of their sticks before, the company has captured numerous titles in the World Long Drive competitions and has been named as a top smaller golf company by several publications. I was fortunate enough to get to try another Alpha product having already tried out their Plasma woods.

My Test:
Out of the box, the irons look like a solid set of game-improving sticks. The design itself resembles some of Callaway's better models with a deep cavity for forgiveness and workability. The RX-2 improves upon some of the characteristic of Alpha's RX-1 iron, most importantly, more workability. This GI iron possesses forgiveness while still letting the better player shape and work the ball with a fair amount of ease. The only problem that I had with the iron was the top line being a little bit thicker than what I am used to. That said, the player who is not quite ready to take on "blade" irons would certainly want to look into purchasing the RX-2. The shaft in the set I played was True Temper, but was slightly heavier than my regular set of irons. I found the clubs very easy to hit with a solid, piercing trajectory. In terms of distance, the RX-2's were approximately as long as the Nike set I currently play.

According to Alpha, the RX-2's cavity back provides optimal trajectory and playability for advanced played. Moreover, the RX-2's feature a deep heel which provides more workability to complement the forgiveness. The heads are plated with nickel-chrome which provides some resistance to reflecting the sun. Overall, the RX-2's are right on par with most of the industry's popular technology for a game-improvement iron. However, the top line and face of the iron did reflect sunlight fairly easily which gave me some trouble. Overall, the technology in the RX-2's will be benefit most intermediate to advanced golfers.

Final Thoughts:
I found the Alpha RX-2's to be a fun club which will help most experienced golfers improve. The RX-2's will certainly give you your money's worth. When buying products from smaller golf companies, players may get great technology while not having to pay for the million dollar endorsement deals the bigger companies possess. My only problems with the RX-2 were: top line was fairly thick, but probably on par with other "GI" irons, tended to reflect sunlight, slightly heavier than what I am used to. gives the Alpha RX-2 irons 4 stars out of 5 for ease of use. More information about the product as well as its distributors can be found at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great company--yes they are a component company, but don't make clones or knockoffs like some others. I have hit some of their drivers as well some of their irons. First rate products with VERY high quality and much cheaper than the OEM stuff that charges you a zillion dollars to help cover their advertising budget

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