Cabrera Takes US Open Trophy Home to Argentina

Angel Cabrera, winner of the 107th US Open, returned to Argentina two days after winning the trophy.

Hundreds of Argentinians lined the way between the airport and Cabrera's home. Wearing his country's flag on his shoulders, Cabrera proudly held the trophy aloft. He was accompanied by a police escort.

He was the first Argentinian to win a major golf title in 40 years. The last was Roberto De Vicenzo.

Cabrera won $1.2 million for his first place finish. Prior to the US Open win, Cabrera had earned $218,000 this year in seven events (he had made the cut 4 times). He earned 4950 points in the FedEx Cup Points for the Open win. Prior to Sunday's win, he had earned 839 points which moves Cabrera up to 26th place on the list.

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