Fore Inventors Only: What's Your Favorite Invention So Far?

In case you haven't caught it yet, Fore Inventors Only is an "American Idol"-like show allowing golf inventors to display their products in front of testers for fame and fortune. Well, probably not fame, but the winner of the series will have his or her product in Golfsmith stores nationwide, and will also have an infomercial made for The Golf Channel.

The show airs a new episode each Tuesday night, 10 PM EST. This week, the top 10 products will be tested by the consumer, opposed to the panel or former Big Break stars like in past weeks.

With the first season of the show coming to a close, it's time to ask, "what's your favorite invention?"

Personally, thinking about what type of product would likely appear in an infomercial on TGC or appear in Golfsmith stores, my favorite is Joseph Pagano's "Power Stance." Pagano's $150,000 investment supports a proper weight transfer and balance

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