It's the Playoffs: Hungry?

The PGA Tour took a big chance in 2006 when making major changes to the Tour schedule in order to facilitate the FedEx Cup. Journeymen and strugglers would definitely take a hit when building a schedule to accommodate the big stars of the game. However, the FedEx Cup has essentially done anything but that so far.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickeson are 100% ready to skip the PGA Tour's "Playoff" events, and still take home big FedEx Cup money. The point system has done little to force the best players to participate. For instance, Tiger has played the fewest events of the top 30 players in the FedEx Cup points list. However, Tiger still has a big lead over second place Vijay Singh. Tiger's lead? Nearly 11,000 points over Veej. In essence, Tiger could split himself in two and hold three spots in the FedEx Cup top 10.

On the other hand, some fan favorites will likely take the playoff series seriously. Among these is Jim Furyk, who currently is in third place. Despite missing the cut last week, Furyk should play in all the playoff events, depending on how his back holds up.

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