No-Backswing Swing Study

In this month's issue of Golf Magazine, Dr. Jim Suttie wrote about the benefits of a no-backswing backswing. I recently wrote on this article, and have not yet determined the merits of the no-backswing backswing.

However, Golf Magazine is now asking golfers to practice and play with the swing for one month, hwile recording their progress and submitting on September 24th -28th, 2007.

While the stack and tilt has worked well for me, I am going to give this swing a try and participate in Golf's study.

If you're interested in participating, check out's page devoted to the "revolutionary" move. Goodbye 70% of commmon swing flaws...
I'll try to keep everyone updated.

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  1. Bryan Baz says:

    i'm curious what the results were. i have been experimenting with the no-backswing swing with resounding success.

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