Par 3 Contest at the Masters to be televised in 2008

Sure, some aspects of the Masters, golf's first major tournament of the PGA Tour season, will always elude the general public. The azaleas may be died, logic behind calling gallery members "patrons"may be confusing, but one more secret kept from the public will surface.

This week, ESPN announced that the sports media giant will televise the 9 hole Par 3 tournament, which occurs annually on Wednesday before the Masters. The event, played on a 9 hole course on the Augusta National grounds, features a crowd friendly atmosphere with many of golf's greats participating in this fun event.

Of course, the Par 3 Contest has never made it to television before, overshadowed by the hoopla of golf's great event. According to ESPN President George Bodenheimer, "ESPN looks forward to bringing the Par 3 Contest to a national television audience for the first time. Fans will now be able to watch many of the greatest names in golf, past and present, as they enjoy a fun day of golf with friends and family."

The contest will air on ESPN during 3-5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on April 9th, 2008.

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