Tiger's wife, Elin Nordgren, gets justice

During the 2006 Ryder Cup at the K Club in Ireland, controversial nude photos appeared in The Dubliner of Tiger's wife, Elin Nordgren. The former model, who had participated in bikini shots before becoming a nanny for a PGA Tour star, was deeply offended by the fake naked pictures.

However, the Irish tabloid paid Nordgren substantial damages as a result of the libel charge in an Irish court. The official figure has not been released, but witnesses in the court room say the tabloid will pay $182,000 over two years.

Of course, being that Nordgren is currently enjoying a happy marriage with sport's richest man, she decided to use the money for a charitable cause. In memory of European Tour star Darren Clarke's wife, who died in 2006 from breast cancer, Nordegren will donate the damages in her honor.

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