Greg Norman takes up tennis?

Greg Norman will be making a return to competitive golf in the United States again this week at the Senior PGA Championship.

Norman has been relatively vocal that his reason for returning has been almost solely because of his love of Oak Hill, the storied club that has hosted the US Open and the Ryder Cup relatively recently.

However, the Shark surprised golf fans by stating, “I actually wish I had taken up tennis instead of golf. I really do enjoy tennis.” Yes, as Norman has been dating (and is actually engaged to) tennis legend Chris Evert, the Shark has apparently found his calling.

Norman has found that tennis provides a better avenue for relieving his anger, which has, of course, hurt his play in golf over his career. He contends, “I get that way on the tennis court. I like to hit the ball hard. … If you miss a point, you can win the next two points to win the game. Golf, you miss that one shot, you take a triple-bogey, see you later.”

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