Vijay vs. Paul Casey: A work ethic battle

Former world number one Vijay Singh may have picked a fight with the wrong crowd. Vijay, notable for his unbelievable and unparalleled work ethic at and outside of tournaments, commented that the young English players are becoming satisfied with their success and have began to enter a "comfort zone."

Paul Casey (pictured left), who led the U.S. Open last year and has claimed 8 European Tour victories, is now fighting back. While Casey has defended his own work, stating, "I would invite Vijay along to do exactly what I do on weeks off and see how he goes, invite him to the gym with me for instance,” Casey also believes that Vijay's work ethic may do more harm than good. He explained that, for instance, Tiger Woods "plays his practice rounds very, very early, hits some balls, hits some putts and gets out of there, conserving his energy. That’s the way I do it and I think I work hard enough."

Only time will tell how the young English crowd consisting of players like Paul Casey, Justin Rose, and Ian Poulter will respond to Vijay's criticism.

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