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Traditionally, golf cleaning products have never been the most exciting technological developments in the golf world. However, multiple companies have, over the past several years, seen the need for on and off the course cleaning products and have succeeded in creating some stellar ways to maintain clean sticks.

One company that has taken on such a task is FiZ Golf, based out of North America. Today, ZealousGolfer.com will review FiZ's unique cleaning agent for irons and woods.


FiZ Golf was founded, according to company president Aaron Heap, during the 2006 golf season. Dirty clubs that robbed them of distance and accuracy as well as being aesthetically unappealing plagued a group of golfers, like most players. Hence, FiZ Golf was born.

Today, FiZ’s packaging includes a statement on the side explaining the “Dirty Truth.” A mission statement of sorts, the “Dirty Truth” explains, “You’ve spent thousands on your gear to have soil rob you of distance and accuracy. Foaming at the mouth is not the answer to cleaner gear or a polished game.”

The Product:

When you receive FiZ, you will get a green container that fits the bottle containing the cleaning solution. The bottle is approximately four or five inches tall, which would fit easily in any golf bag. Moreover, the bottle’s cap has a large hook that allows for the bottle to be hooked onto the golf bag for convenience.

The product functions pretty simply. Much like a canister of AXE deodorant or a similar product, the user must only press the cap on top to dispense the foam cleaning agent. One must only spray to any area on the club or ball with significant grass stains or loose dirt.

FiZ Golf claims on their website that the product will last, if used frequently, for 100 or more holes. Though, from my experience, a small spray may cover the entire face of the driver effectively rather easily.

In addition to the foam, the canister includes a small pad which is covered in firm bristles. These, as I found, are effective in rubbing away the dirt and grass stains after the foam has already been applied to the clubface or golf ball cover.


In conclusion, I believe that FiZ is an excellent golf product. As the company’s website explains, FiZ is a substantially better alternative to saliva and any other bodily fluid one may try to use in order to clean their golf product. From my own experience with FiZ, the cleaning agent was excellent in eliminating the dirt and grass stains that have been on my clubs for months. Plus, having the product readily available seemed to encourage me to clean my clubs for once.

However, the only major drawback I saw was the problem of disposing of the foam after spraying it. Though one can remove the foam quite easily with a towel, after using the product for 18 holes, the towel may become very damp and covered with foam. Another problem with disposing of the foam is the residue left on the bristles. Indeed, after scrubbing the club or ball, foam will inevitably become stuck deep inside the bristles of the pad. While this is not a great problem for those who hang the product on their bag, golfers who would prefer to place it inside their bag or in their pocket may find foam in unfortunate spots.

On the five star ZealousGolfer.com scale, we have given FiZ four out of five starts for its excellence in cleaning golf products, but with a slight drawback in removing the foam. For more information, make sure to check out FizGolf.com and look for the product in golf retail stores soon.

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