As expected, Nick Faldo under fire from British tabloids

Anyone familiar with the British media understands that the rich and famous constantly have a target on their backs. For athletes, the tabloids are no more forgiving. Last Ryder Cup (in 2006), Tiger Woods was even attacked as a tabloid published false images of his wife, depicting Mrs. Woods as something of a porn star.

This year, European captain Nick Faldo (pictured left) is being blamed for his continent's loss in the 2008 Ryder Cup last weekend. For instance, the Times of London claimed that while U.S. captain Paul Azinger inspired belief and confidence in his squad, “Faldo inspired chaos.”

Other attacks included by the paper included that “Faldo’s thin skin, the need to have his sports shrink by his side even out on the course and his grating sense of humor, had confirmed what we knew all along, which is that he is no natural leader. But what we had not expected was that a man who had dedicated himself so much to this job would make such a colossal mistake.”

Of course, the mistake the British seem to be focusing on is the choice Faldo made to play Grame McDowell and Ian Poulter in later matches on Sunday. This, of course, left the players' victories irrelevant after Jim Furyk had already secured an American victory against Miguel Angel Jimenez. However, it seems that such indicts are misguided considering that the talents of Poulter and McDowell would have been necessary had earlier matches brought the European squad back into the match for a late Sunday showdown.

Regardless, it appears that the generally popular Nick Faldo will be accepting the criticism for his squad.

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