Moon Golf

The New York Times answers a very interesting question about what happened to the golf ball hit by the astronaut on the moon.

Alan Shepard, who was the first American in space, hit the ball on the Apollo 14 mission of 1971 and the balls are still on the moon.

With NASA's permission, Shepard designed a club head to fit onto the handle of a device the astronauts used to scoop up dust samples. He hit two golf balls before climbing up the ladder to return to Earth.

Shepard admits he shanked the first ball and it went into a crater 40 yards away. The second ball was different. He estimates it would have gone about 30 yards on Earth. However, because there is no atmospher on the Moon, it went 200 yards.

At the time, he was quoted as saying the ball went "miles and miles and miles."

The clubhead is currently on display at the US Golf Association Hall of Fame in New Jersey.

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