Ballesteros Undergoes Operation

Seve Ballesteros, 51, underwent surgery on Tuesday at La Paz Hospital in Madrid, to remove a brain tumor.
The hospital released the following statement:

"Patient Severiano Ballesteros was surgically operated on yesterday by the medical team from the Neurosurgery Unit of La Paz Hospital," said the statement. "The intervention, programmed to remove the brain tumor detected, started at nine in the morning and concluded without complications.

"The patient will go to the post surgical section of the intensive care ward. At this time he is conscious and his situation is stable, although he cannot receive visitors in the coming days until he recovers from the process.

"The next medical report from the hospital will be given when the patient has moved to a regular ward, which might occur next week"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Based on the facts, I would say that Seve doesn't have much of a chance. But he also didn't have much of a chance of winning the British after yoinking it into the parking lot. You can never count the guy out. Go Seve!

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