Buick says goodbye to Tiger Woods

As General Motors has fought to save itself from bankruptcy, it has shifted focus accordingly to help cut the costs of staying in business. Tiger Woods, who has been the highly paid spokesperson for Buick under the General Motors umbrella, will part ways with the company for now.

The Associated Press reports: "When Woods ended his nine-year relationship with General Motors Corp. on Monday - a mutual decision between a megawatt celebrity who doesn't need the work and a teetering corporation that needs every penny - it offered yet another snapshot of how badly the American economy has deteriorated."

Indeed, the 2009 PGA Tour season will certainly be interesting considering that golf's biggest sponsors (from the banking and automobile industry, for instance) are struggling to stay alive. Fortunately for Tiger Woods, losing the Buick deal likely won't break the bank in light of the other $100 in endorsement money he will receive this year.

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