Once again, the PGA Tour revises FedEx Cup rules

As the PGA Tour seeks to implement a playoff series that will make the late-season more exciting, the FedEx Cup will be revamped once again.

PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem comments, "We have great expectations for the future of this competition." In light of the PGA Tour's grand vision for the FedEx Cup, the system will be changed to guarantee that the FedEx Cup ending Tour Championship remains relevant.

Of course, during the first and second years, Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh (pictured right) respectively were so dominant that the Cup was already won by the time the Tour Championship was played. The PGA Tour, with its new system, aims to prevent such a situation from arising again, which may help to accomplish the goal of keeping the Tour's best players on the course as long as possible.

The Associated Press reports, "Under the new formula, points that previously had been reset at the start of the four-tournament playoffs will not be changed until the Tour Championship, meaning all 30 players who qualify for the finale will have a mathematical chance to win."

Though Finchem claims to have consulted the game's brightest stars like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, it is unclear as to whether the new system will provide the incentive necessary to finally make the FedEx Cup playoffs exciting.

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