Golf presents bid for spot in 2016 Summer Olympics

In case you haven't seen this story yet, the International Olympic Committee listened to a presentation supporting golf's inclusion in the 2016 Olympics. 

While it is unclear how the reception was received, the format of the tournament is open to much debate. reports, "one early favorite, among the plans being considered, calls for every country to be allowed two players in the Olympic golf competition with one key exception: Any country with more than two players in the top 10 in the world rankings would be allowed to enter all of its top 10 players."  

Of course, the format will be a critical element of a potential Olympic golf tournament, as the IOC would likely only consider the option of if the world's best players were willing to participate. 

If the tournament were to happen this year, America would earn an extra player (Anthony Kim, in addition to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson). No other nation has more than two players ranked in the top 10. 

In addition to the discussion of the competition's format, the presentation included video messages from Tiger Woods and Lorena Ochoa. 

As per IOC rules, sports in consideration for inclusion must host the committee at one of its events. Ty Votaw, a PGA Tour executive, told the media that the golf community may host the committee during the Masters next year.  

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