Michael Jordan will take on Bethpage Black

Two years ago, Tiger Woods claimed that a 10 handicap would not break 100 at Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania under U.S. Open conditions. Last year, Golf Digest decided to test Tiger's claim by placing four amateur golfers under tournament conditions at San Diego's Torrey Pines.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, a 2.2 handicap, led the foursome by shooting 84.

Golf Digest will bring back this competition as four players - three celebrities and an amateur selected through an essay contest - take on Bethpage Black before the U.S. Open.

Though the celebrity players have not been officially announced yet, GolfChannel.com reports that Michael Jordan and Justin Timberlake will join the competition.

Of course, this is the second time Jordan made national headlines this week. The Wall Street Journal recently released a video of Jordan losing in a game of one-on-one at a basketball camp in Las Vegas to CEO John Rogers:

Perhaps Jordan should stick to golf.

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