Daly smashes spectator's camera in anger

Once again, the troubled John Daly has found himself struggling to make a cut. After playing poorly in the Australian Open (he shot a 6 over 78), he lashed out in anger at a photographer, Brad Clegg. He took the Aussie's camera and smashed it into a tree.

After the round, Daly said the cameraman was rude and had already taken a dozen shots at close range. Terms and conditions for tickets at the Australian Open prohibit the use of cameras on the course for spectators.

Daly is sensitive about cameras on the course, having required surgery earlier this year to fix a torn muscle in his stomach that he said he injured at the Honda Classic in 2007 when he tried to stop his swing after hearing the click of a fan's camera.

He had had a bad day before the camera throwing incident. He hit a spectator holding an umbrella on the eleventh hole.

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