Is Woods buying his Mom a new home?

It appears that Tiger Woods recently bought through a trust two plots in an unincorporated area near Jupiter, FL. One property was $1.1 million and the other was $1.3 million. They are adjacent five acre properties.

Public records show the buyer as "Rocking Horse Irrevocable Trust". The trustee listed on the deeds is Chris Hubman. Hubman is the CFO of Woods' company, ETW Corp.

The properties were actually purchased in late 2007. It seems, understandably, that the purchaser's identity was protected.

Woods already owns considerable property in Jupiter Island. He paid more than $45 million for two properties (including four homes) on twelve acres in 2006. He has since leveled the properties and is building a new home.

It is believed that Woods will be building his mother, Tida Woods, 62, a new home on his new properties. It is only a few miles from the 12 acre property he has owned for nearly three years.

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