Hacker Alert: Issue 2

Today, I made my second trip of the year out to the driving range. I might blame the moderately cold weather, but my ball striking was definitely less than perfect. Though I was making decent contact, I was consistently spraying shots left and right, which obviously I need to try to avoid. 

One thing I noticed was that the ball's imprint on the club face was consistently on the toe, especially with my lo
nger irons. This might explain my tendency to push the ball right every so often. Nonetheless, I plan to see a club fitter soon in order to try to even out my contact. I figure that dealing with these problems sooner rather than later will make progressing a bit easier. 

Also, on the equipment topic, I am beginning to finalize my club setup. Because my swing is pretty rusty, I decided to go with my old set of Nike NDS irons again. They are certainly game improvement sticks, and I have not altered them yet (which may explain why the need to be fit). With a deep cavity and large face, these should give me some extra support as I work out the kinks. My R7 Quad driver will remain in the bag, and I will continue to play with an extremely old Taylormade 5 wood that I probably will never depart with. The lingering questions now surround my wedges, putter, and bag. The wedge and putter search are pretty straightforward, but I am really hoping to find a good, cheap bag that I can carry easily. I also should begin to look for a pair of shoes again since my old ones are very worn in.  

Although my ball striking and driving have never been excellent, I don't think they were the reason for high scoring in the past. Given the opportunity to start all over, I am beginning to focus on getting my short game up to par. Until I solve the wedge issue, chipping is out, for now. However, I have been using my Putting Arc in my bedroom to practice the stroke once again. I plan on hitting 50 putts or so every night, focusing only on repeating the arc stroke. Hopefully I can engrain some better habits with this drill and improve my short and long range putting. 

For Christmas a while back, my mother purchased four lessons for me with a local instructor. Sadly (and fortunately now), I never used them. After calling the golf center, I found out that lesson pack is still good, and I intend to take my first lesson in a week or two. Hopefully I can tackle my swing flaws head on before allowing them to become permanently engrained in my swing like before. 


*Begin to focus on straightening my iron shots by evaluating my swing 
*Finish selecting my equipment
*Begin working on my short game 

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