ZealousGolfer.com Review: Footjoy WeatherSof Glove

Acushnet's Footjoy has always controlled the golf glove market, offering style and innovation to players of all types over the years. As a perennial Footjoy patron, I recently headed to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up another glove to start the season. Anticipating wet weather in the near future, I decided to go with the WeatherSof to deal with a Pittsburgh spring. 

The Product: 

You kind of get what you would expect with this one: a glove. It even boasts a five-finger form to accommodate the appendages of most golfers. Inall seriousness though, you wind up with many of the classic Footjoy features. The glove closes using velcro, which usually does the job so that the player can easily remove the product over the course of the round. A ball marker with the FJ logo is attache
d as well, which provides many players with an easy way to save time on the green. 

Specifically, the WeatherSof glove uses a synthetic material, which Footjob has named "FiberSof." This synthetic leather provides players with an ultra-soft feel, but it also allows the glove to perform much better than its peers in tough weather conditions. 

Another feature is the Coolmax insert, which is a spandex-like material positions across your hand's knuckles. Due to this component, flexing your hand or gripping the club is extremely easily. 

To improve the glove's feel, cabretta leather is placed across the palm, which provides support in the most important areas of the glove since this is where most of the contact with the golf club's 
grip will be. 


The WeatherSof glove isn't mind-blowing or even shockingly innovative. If you are a fan of other FootJoy gloves, you will certainly not be disappointed with this new model. For the frequent player who needs a durable glove that can stand up to tougher conditions, the WeatherSof is surely for you. 

For this reason, ZealousGolfer.com gives the glove a four out of five stars. The WeatherSof is available in golf retail stores as well as online. You should be able to find it for around $12. 

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