Match Play: Ogilvy vs. Casey

Australian golfer and U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy (pictured right) can almost certainly be considered the best match play golfer of his day. In this event alone, he has appeared in the final round three times in the past four years. 

England's Paul Casey has not trailed in a single match going into the final round. Certainly this round will play out as a showcase of premier international golf talent. 


1:21 PM: Casey (pictured left) and Ogilvy are now almost finished with the first 18 holes of the 36 hole match. Ogilvy has won six holes to Casey's two, which means Ogilvy is leading 4 up at this point. Unless Casey can gain some momentum going into the next 18, this match could end very early. 

3:27 PM: After winning the 20th hole, Casey has trimmed Ogilvy's lead to three. However, the stretch from the 6th to the 16th hole was the most dominant portion of the first 18 holes for Ogilvy. 

3:57 PM: With a birdie on the 7th hole (the 25th hole of the day), Ogilvy has reclaimed a solid lead over Casey at 4 up. Casey has 11 holes left to catch Ogilvy including three par 5's and two par 3's. 

4:33 PM: Geoff Ogilvy is officially dominating. With a birdie, an eagle, and a par, he captured the 25th, 26th, and 27th holes respectively. This streak brought Casey to a six hole deficit with now only nine holes to play. Unless Casey's ice cold putter begins to warm up, it appears that Ogilvy will continue to run away with the match. 

5:37 PM: Geoff Ogilvy is the champion. The match ended 4 and 3 in the Aussie's favor. Although Casey was able to win two holes on the back nine, it was not enough to come back from Ogilvy's dominant first 27 holes. 

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