Live Masters Coverage: Timeline

Over the course of the back nine, I will provide some quick updates to track the action. The timeline is in EST. 

4:14 PM - Phil Mickelson tees off on the par 3 12th only one stroke behind the leader. With too much spin, the ball slips off the green into the drink. 

4:17 PM - John Merrick's tee shot on the par 3 16th settles within
 two feet of the cup. Five under on the round already, Merrick moved to -8 for the tournament. 

4:19 PM - Tiger Woods narrowly misses his birdie putt on the 12th. He remains four strokes behind the leaders. 

4:20 PM - Phil Mickelson two putts on the 12th to place a double bogey on his nearly flawless card. Mickelson drops two shots to trail the leaders by three strokes. 

4:26 PM - Tiger Woods' drive on the par 5 13th sits in a divot in the middle of the fairway. His approach lands on the back of the green, but fails to roll back toward the flag near the front. Mickelson's approach lands within several feet of Tiger's ball. Both eye eagle opportunities. 

4:31 PM - Chad Campbell drops a shot with a bogey on the ninth, which leaves Kenny Perry at the top of the leaderboard. 

4:32 PM - Mickelson's eagle attempt misses by several inches allowing Phil to take a st
roke back with a tap in birdie. Tiger's eagle putt shares the same fate. Both players make birdies. Mickelson moves to -9, Tiger to -8. The leader is at -11. 

4:35 PM - Kenny Perry's approach shot on the 9th hole lands in a greenside bunker. Perry's pitch out of the sand trap settles within a few feet of the hole. 

4:38 PM - Perry gets up and down with a crucial par putt on the 9th. He remains at the top at -11. 
4:39 PM - Mickelson and Woods hit approach shots on the par 4 14th hole. Mickelson lands within several feet of the hole, but Woods ends up short. After hitting the false front, Woods' ball spins off the green. Mickelson will have another birdie chance. 

4:42 PM - Tiger's chip on the 14th hole settles near the hole, which should give Tiger an easy par. Mickelson faces a birdie putt. Phil's birdie putt lips out, and he remains at -9. Tiger makes 
his par putt to stay at -8. 

4:46 PM - John Merrick sinks his par putt on the 18th to post a 66 for the day. Merrick ends his tournament at -8 for the week. 

4:52 PM - Todd Hamilton's tee shot on the 12th finds the water. After taking a penalty, Hamilton manages to find the hole with a full length shot from the tee box for a par. 

4:53 PM - Tiger Woods' approach on the par 5 15th lands on the
 right side of the green. Tiger has a solid opportunity for eagle.
 Mickelson responds by one-upping Tiger by nailing his approach within five feet of the hole. 

4:58 PM - Tiger's eagle try fails to break. With only inches left, Tiger makes the birdie putt to move to -9. He trails Perry by two strokes. 

4:59 PM - Choke alert. Phil misses his eagle putt, which appeared to be virtually straight. He makes the birdie putt to move to -10, which leaves Phil within a stroke of the lead. 

5:02 PM - Chad Campbell drops a stroke on the 11th hole with a bogey. Mickelson is now in second place, and Campbell falls into a tie with Cabrera and Woods at -9. Simultaneously, Tiger's tee shot on the par 3 16th lands within a few feet of the hole, which will set up a good birdie chance. 

5:07 PM - Phil Mickelson misses his birdie putt on the 16th. Tiger will now have the chance to move within one stroke of Kenny Perry. Meanwhile, Perry misses a birdie putt by one inch, which will leave Perry at even par for the day. Tiger Woods makes his six foot putt for birdie. He moves to -10. 

5:11 PM - Chad Campbell sinks his birdie putt on 12 to return to -10. Mickelson, Woods, and Campbell are now tied for second. 

5:16 PM - Kenny Perry's ball sat in the fringe off the 12th green. Perry sinks his second shot for birdie, which extended his lead to two strokes over the -10 group. 

5:22 PM - Tiger Woods misses the 17th fairway. After punching out near the green, his pitch winds up too long. With a mid-range putt, Tiger is unable to save par. Woods falls back to -9, which leaves him three strokes behind Kenny Perry with only one hole left. Mickelson is unable to sink a short birdie putt. He remains at -10, two strokes behind Perry with one hole remaining. 

5:30 PM - Tiger attempts to punch out of the trees on the 18th, but his shot out of the pine straw ricochets off of another tree. Tiger's chances at victory are certainly done. 

5:35 PM - Angel Cabrera makes birdie on the 13th and moves to -10. Kenny Perry fails to birdie, but he remains at -12. 

5:37 PM - Mickelson bogeys the 18th leaving him at -9. Woods fails to save par on the 18th after missing a mid-range putt to the right. Mickelson shoots 67, and Woods fires a 68. The players finish at -9 and -8 respectively.  

6:30 PM - Kenny Perry goes long with his approach shot on the 17th. A disappointing chip shot left him off the green after three strokes. A two putt on the hole brought Perry to -13 with a one stroke lead. 

6:31 PM - Perry heads to the tee box with a one stroke lead. Campbell and Cabrera are one stroke behind, and Cabrera has the 18th hole left while Campbell is putting on the final green.

6:33 PM - Cabrera unleashes a perfect drive down the middle of the 18th fairway. Perry tees off second in the group. Perry's drive lands in the first bunker on the left side of the 18th hole. 

6:34 PM - Chad Campbell misses his birdie putt on the 18th, and he will finish the tournament at -12. In order to have a shot at the title, Campbell needs Cabrera to, at the very best, par the 18th. More importantly, Perry would need a bogey or worse to give Campbell a shot at the green jacket. Jim Furyk drains a long par putt on the 18th to finish at -7, which gives the former U.S. Open champion a T10 finish.  

6:37 PM - Angel Cabrera's chances look bleak. His approach shot fails to reach the green after he loses the ball to the right. Perry has a 7 iron out of the bunker on 18. Unfortunately, Perry has missed the green badly as it sits on a downward slope far to the left of the hole in the rough. He has little green to work with as he tries to par the hole for the win. 

6:42 PM - Perry pitches on to the final green. Despite a tough position off the putting surface, Perry has left himself a 15 foot putt to win the Masters. 

6:43 PM - Cabrera has the chance to win the Masters if he can chip in. His pitch finishes within a foot of a hole. If Perry fails to make his putt, Cabrera will almost certainly be in a playoff with Perry and Campbell. 

6:44 PM - Perry's final putt settles an inch away, resting almost on the cup's lip. We have a playoff! Cabrera has a chance to join the playoff if he can make his sort putt. 

6:45 PM - Cabrera drains his three foot ticket to the playoff. He will compete for his second major championship! 

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