Rebel Ryan Moore ditches corporate control

Ryan Moore has been a premier golfer even since his storied amateur career while playing at UNLV.

An interesting blog post recently appeared on Yahoo's Devil Ball Golf discussing an interesting feature of Moore's attire (or perhaps the lack thereof): sponsor logos.

Everyone from Tiger Woods to John Daly has accepted the NASCAR-like culture of corporate sponsorship. Watching a TOUR pro is like seeing a billboard smoke a drive 300+ yards on a daily basis.

However, Moore has decided to pass on what Yahoo estimates would be $300,000 worth of sponsorship offers by playing with his own clubs, bags, shoes, clothes, etc.

Moore isn't new to breaking the rules, though. Remember a couple years back when he was overcoming a wrist injury? On tour, Moore began using the "no backswing" swing, which certainly was a significant change from convention.

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