Slocum slays the world's best at the Barclays

This has been the year of the upset. 2008 may have made a run for that title had a certain knee belonging to a Mr. Woods decided not to give out mid-season.

Regardless, Heath Slocum managed to come out on top at the Barclays Championship. To win, he had to take down the likes of Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington, Ernie Els, and Steve Stricker. In other words, he had a showdown with the world's best.

He jumped from 124th in FedEx Cup points to third place. Not a bad weekend.

The most surprising thing may not be that Slocum played stellar, high pressure golf. During this run, Tiger Woods simultaneously suffered continual woes with his putter...again. This trend is starting to get scary.

Nevertheless, Slocum will have a chance at the $10,000,000 prize belonging to the champion of the FedEx Cup series.

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