ESPN's Sobel: Tiger needs to come clean

We have survived an almost 24 hour period without any significant change in the Tiger Woods fiasco covered in every article I've posted over the past two days.

Although new facts aren't emerging, bloggers, golf fans, and the media are forming their own opinions as to what occurred over the past several days.

Jason Sobel of ESPN brings up a valid point. It is time for Tiger Woods to proactively reach out to the public to discuss the injury and the accusations.

Whether he likes it or not, the image Tiger has been constructing since he left Stanford is being stained every hour that he chooses to avoid the issue.

As you may have read, the Woods family has turned away Florida officers multiple time to avoid addressing the story Elin gave to police after the accident. Virtually everyone from the general public to the authorities are entirely in the dark about this issue.

If Tiger wants to rebound unscathed, the window is closing. Woods absolutely must explain what on earth has happened to his life, or his image may be irreversibly damaged.

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