Uchitel denies affair with Tiger Woods and TMZ reports domestic dispute

Continuing with our coverage of the alleged Tiger Woods - Elin Woods - Rachel Uchitel love triangle, multiple news sources are now reporting that Uchitel has denied the affair.

The New York Post interviewed Uchitel on the subject. She said, "God forbid Tiger got into a car wreck because of this false report of him having an affair."She also said that she isn't a "homewrecker" and denied any validity of the story released by the gossip magazines this past week.

Her theory on the car accident. NY Post reports that Uchitel said, "Despite it being completely untrue, it must have certainly caused some problems at home - if I was his wife, I probably would have killed him."

The celebrity gossip world seems to agree with Uchitel. TMZ.com is reporting that the crash was the result of a domestic dispute. According to their sources, Tiger Woods fled the home after a heated argument. His wife, allegedly, smashed the SUV with a golf club as he began driving away. At that point, Tiger became distracted leading to his collision with a tree.

Team Woods is still saying this was a minor accident and has not commented on the accusations of the affair.

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