Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps challenges you to putt

America's Olympians are holding a series of online contents to see if the public can challenge their athletic abilities.

With golf joining the Olympics in 2016 and 2020, swimming champion Michael Phelps is willing to take on all challengers (virtually of course) at putting.

Here's his video.

Make as many five foot putts as you can in 60 seconds, and you will top one of the best athletes in the entire world. He nailed 12. Can you do better?

There are a number of other events included in this contest, so make sure to click the link in the video if you are interested in finding out more.

If you beat him, you will be eligible to win some cool prizes like an autographed T-Shirt from Phelps. However, any golfer who sends in a video will be eligible to win in a drawing for tickets to the Vancouver Olympic Games next year.

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