Trouble in paradise? Gossip mag accuses Tiger Woods of cheating on Elin

Wow. We tried the technology version of a couple of days ago with the Google Wave article, and now we are going in the trashy gossip direction. Temporarily, of course.

Trust me, golf news during the silly season is a bit tough to come by. On the bright side, January is rolling around rapidly.

On to the story. Word on the street is that the emperor of golf, Mr. Tiger Woods, is engaged in scandalous behavior with a New York 'party girl.' For possibly the most well-behaved (and sometimes robotic) athlete in professional sports, this seems like a significant change of character.

Here's the story. The National Enquirer is reporting in their new issue that Tiger Woods has met up with his mistress in New York, Las Vegas, and Australia over the past year. Her name: Rachel Uchitel. She has been linked in the past to several other celebrities as well.

Sports by Brooks has a gallery of pictures of the 34 year old New Yorker and an extensive explanation of the backstory. Check it out for more information.

Apparently, the Enquirer is publishing a few pictures of Uchitel checking into the Crown Towers in Australia, which was the same hotel Tiger stayed at during a recent trip. I suppose this is supposed to validate the whole theory.

If you are into this type of thing (i.e. celebrity cheating, freemason conspiracies, alien abduction, etc.), I guess there is room to speculate about why Tiger and Rachel appeared in the same location.

Does think Tiger is cheating on his wife? I am going to stick with Tiger on this one. Having been groomed by IMG and his parents to never show a bad side to the public, I would think Tiger would be smart enough to avoid such behavior. The fact that gossip magazines don't have the greatest record of accuracy probably helps Tiger's case a bit too.

Furthermore, the evidence just isn't there. I am sure Rachel is not the first Tiger fan to check into the same hotel as him while he was playing a well publicized golf tournament.

At any rate, take from this story what you will.

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