Tiger Woods crashes car after Turkey Day - Update on the scene

More breaking Tiger Woods news. If you haven't seen this already, Woods was involved in a car accident early this morning near his mansion in Orlando.

Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press is reporting that Tiger first hit a hydrant and then crashed his SUV into a tree.

Apparently, Tiger's people are saying Woods is going to be physically alright after the accident. That is very good news for a PGA Tour that learned Tiger's value to golf last season.

One might ask what on earth is going on in Tiger's life. As you may have read earlier today on ZealousGolfer.com, Woods is facing accusations of cheating on his wife Elin with Rachel Uchitel, mistress to the stars.

No alcohol was involved with the most recent incident, so it doesn't look like Tiger has fell of the Britney Spears deep-end...yet?

The cheating scandal and the accident do make for a bizarre coincidence. Can one speculate that this may have been the direct result of an argument with his wife over the suspected cheating? Certainly. Could Tiger have unleashed his rage by rushing out in anger from his Isleworth mansion? Probably.

The plot of the Tiger Woods story is rapidly thickening.

UPDATE: 11/28/2009: 12:05 AM:

What follows is new information on the event.

ESPN has been reporting that Elin's role in this ordeal was that of a rescuer, of some sort. Apparently, after seeing the accident, she rushed to the scene with a golf club in hand, and then managed to knock the window out of the SUV.

Tiger Woods was dragged out of the vehicle, and then remained in a state of semi-consciousness while lying on the street.

Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I have to admit that this is one of the
weirdest stories I have ever seen in professional golf. Any time a legend is involved in a potentially controversial incident, there is obviously a tendency to blow things out of proportion. I'll admit that.

Mind you, we are talking about one of the straightest arrows in professional sports history, and certainly a template for the athletes of the future. Could he really have been up to no good, and could this accident have some connection in some way? There is a good chance this will all blow ever, and we will discover that Tiger isn't the most accurate driver on the course or off.

However, the fact that over the course of 48 hours, the press charged Tiger with cheating and Turkey Day ended with Mr. Woods bloody while his wife held a golf club... I don't know what to say.


At any rate, best of luck to Tiger Woods and his family as they recover from this downpour of media attention and physical injury. To the golf world: let's see where this goes next. I have absolutely no clue what is going on at this point.

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